Take it back to Old school

OK, so this evening i saw the classic Mini cooper driving ahead of me, and i was super happy i got to see it. I got really excited because I LOVE classic mini, and i had not seen it since i left Japan on August. anyways, so i think I am going to talk about mini cooper and its design…..well, Mini cooper was designed in 1959 as ADO15 (ADO=Austin Drawing/Design Office) and first model was called AUSTIN SE7EN.


MINI on wikipedia

It has small and more box-typed shape and this design of the car continues and this eye catching, interesting and fun designed car became really popular in early 90’s. I think this design has more a character to the car and states more than a car…and it is SOO CUTE!


so Classic mini was loved and was an British icon for a 40 years. However, In the late 90’s, BMW company started being involving with ROVER company and getting more rights from them, and in early 2000, BMW(with ROVER)  announced and introduced the Mini cooper and its all new designed body.

It has been a long time, but when i somehow heard that Classic mini is going to be all renew designed, i was pretty happy to hear. It is because I drive classic 95′ mini when I’m back home in Japan… It is such a tiny car! I’m about 5′ 6′ but my leg joints get pretty sore when i drive long time, and i doubt if anyone who is over 6 feet would fit in and be able to drive for 30minutes without feeling pain in their legs. ALSO, the steering wheel is so stiff!!!…..SO. I was happy when i heard about this news. BUT when i first saw the design, I was very disappointed how its design turned out.


BMW MINI on wikipedia

Well, it might be the people’s opinion but i was very sad they changed A LOT of design and it looks nothing like mini… But i am sure they had a lot challenge making this design and introducing the NEW mini cooper. The company have to make the car efficient and usable( like easy to get in to the car, easy to drive long enough..etc) but still have to have its trend. All the new cars are more sleek and more streamlining than Box typed cars are not as popular. I believe Design is fun but also its about challenging and evolve and improve yourself. I think it is like you take a walk on the edge and see if you can push more limit. (hopefully this make sense..)

i hope you guys don’t mind my grammar and weird English!


learning some XHTML elements

so we are making some links in the post…

< a >< /a > is the tag command to show the link
+Remember to get rid of spaces between letters+

< a href =”http://www…”&gt; Put the name here for LINK < / a >

Google Seach

some note for myself to remember the some useable tags

< img src = “image URL” alt=”comment” width=”some numbers” height=”some numbers” />
< div >< …defines a sec in a document
…an anchor, use at the end
< abbr >…abbreviation
..document’s body

< br / >…single line break

Don’t try to be original. Just try to be good.

Last week, our classmates and i were assigned to take a look at successful blogs and compare them, and i was really attracted to the contents of one blog, LOGODESIGNLOVE.COM.In the blog, there was a interview and i thought it was very interesting and some of the quote he said in the interview made me think….It was a interview with famous American graphic designer, Paul Rand. His name is not as famous as his work…His work is very know as the Corporate identity (company logos) and IBM, ABC television, andUPS are very famous logo. He was interested in design at very young age, and he taught himself to be a designer.



anyways, in the interview, Rand says “Don’t try to be original. Just try to be good. That sounds sort of naive, but its true. and “form and content are indistinguishable,” “without form, there is no content; without content, there is no form.” he also states symmetry, asymmetry, tension, scale, space, texture, etc…all that are language of form. i strongly agree with his opinion this because i believe graphic designers are to communicate by visual art and we have to have our point across by them. I think it is very important to be original, but we have to communicate with the audience first. we have to know that people need to understand what we are trying to communicate about certain things. 

He quotes “Perception is reality, reality is not reality, it’s only wha people think…”  I respect what he said in the interview and his point of view about his work. I think he understands the influences that graphic design has and the social trends. I was really glad i saw this interview and what Paul Rand had to say about his career.